Antidoot Wilde Fermenten Kortenaken, Belgium

Posted by Michael Sager on

The Antidoot production defies most normal classifications. Drawing on a rich culture of beer-brewing in their home country of Belgium (and incorporating all manner of other fruits, herbs and botanicals at hand) their bottles are some of the most thought-provoking and sought-after in the world.  We are humbled to now receive a small allocation from this incredibly special producer.

Brothers Tom and Wim Jacobs are based an hour east of Brussels in Belgium’s Hageland region, best known for its fruit production. It is Tom’s family home which acts as the base for the operation with an adjacent barn housing the brew kit and barrel-store, and the land to the rear an experimental polyculture of fruit trees, vines, hops, herbs and botanicals. Together the brothers are pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through beer brewing, cider making and winemaking, often a combination of all three, using mainly what is grown on their property. All fermentations occur spontaneously, whether grains, apples or grapes.