Abbazia San Giorgio

 Khamma, Pantelleria

Located on the remote island of Pantelleria, Abazzia San Giorgio is the winery of Battista Belvisi and was founded in 2015.

While the estate itself is fairly new, Battista has had an long and illustrious career in winemaking, learning to make the region’s famous passito from his father and grandfather, and also spending a decade under the tutelage of local legend Gabrio Bini.

Battista farms 3.5 hectares of vines, which include local grape varieties such as Zibbibo and Cataratto. He has neither organic nor biodynamic certification but goes well above what would be expected of him if this were the case. Battista hardly intervenes in the vineyard at all, eschewing even organic treatments and allowing wild herbs to flourish between the vines.

In the cellar, Battista often keeps his wines on the skins during the entire fermentation. His wines are beautifully powerful, structured and show otherworldly aromatics that evoke this island’s striking beauty.




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