Crossover Blendery

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

George and Charlie run a small blendery operation located at The Grainworks in Hertfordshire, UK. They focus on producing spontaneously fermented beers aged in traditional vessels such as oak barrels.

The aim is to source ingredients as close to the Blendery as possible. Their work is seasonal, brewing in the cold months and fruit in the warm. Each beer made belongs to a specific year, it is of that season and it cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.

The way these beers are made blur the lines between beer and other fermented beverages. Many of the techniques, methods and concepts behind wine-, cider-, perry-making are also found in George and Charlie’s process. Hence the idea to emphasise the ‘crossing over’ of beer into these other drinks which are often considered a distant and superior or inferior cousin.



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