Domaine de la Pinte

La Pinte à la Capitaine, Arbois

Located at the very heart of Arbois, specifically in “La Pinte à la Capitaine” on the beautiful blue marl soils of the Lias, founder and geologist Roger Martin, planted 14 hectares of Savagnin in the 1950s. It was then the largest estate planted with Savagnin.

Today, Pierre Martin perpetuates the work of his father and has enlarged the estate which totals 34 hectares of vines.

With 20 years of organic farming (conversion took place in 1999) and 10 years of biodynamic practices under his belt, Pierre leads a team that operate purely on a philosophy of minimal intervention. Biodynamic culture also allows the indigenous yeasts to grow on the skin of the grapes, which are harvested by hand and are spontaneously fermented. The use of sulfur is limited and not systematic - a very small amount is added at bottling.

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