Lolita Sene

Gajan, Gard

Working as a sommelier, she fell deeply in love with the world of natural wine. So much that it inspired her to begin her small project in the Southern Rhône. And small is no understatement.

Producing just 1,800 bottles for her inaugural vintage in 2018, Lolita has said she has no intention of increasing her production past 10,000 bottles. With an eye to quality and character, Lolita’s motto has always been to “start small and stay small.”

For this first release we managed to get our hands on three brand new wines Lolita makes by purchasing majority of the grapes respectively from Valentin Valles, Nicolas Renaud of Clos des Grillons and Ferme du Cade.

Lolita does everything by hand: from tending the vines to the heavy lifting in the cellar and designing her own labels too! She uses a small mechanical press, crushes fruit by foot and does not use a pump. All work is done by gravity. Her zero-zero approach doesn't allow for any inputs and the wines are bottled always unfined, unfiltered and without any S02.



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