Alcamo, Trapani

Longarico is the small project of two friends: Alessandro Viola and Luigi Stalteri. The former, after graduating in oenology in 2007 moves to Piedmont to work with Donato Lanati. The latter runs a natural wine bar in Bologna. In 2015 they both feel the call to return to their native Sicily and start the Longarico project on the hills of Mount Alcamo.


With the aim of promoting their land, they initially decided to focus on the most representative of the indigenous variety of Alcamo: Catarratto.

Today they manage a few hectares of organically farmed vines located in Contrada Fastuchera on clacareous-clay soils. The very limited use of suplhites, only at bottling, the indigenous yeasts and the lack of any filtration allow for a pure expression of the varietal and the terroir, free from chemical manipulations.




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