Mickaël Bourg

Cornas, Ardèche

Mika has had a steep rise to fame in the Northern Rhône. Deciding to venture into winemaking after two years of working as a mechanic, Mickaël leased his fruit from vines from Matthieu Barret, who he had worked with previously and who provided him with some cellar space to produce his first wine in 2006.


His holdings have increased since then but he remains to this day a micro-domaine. He organically farms his own vines from small plots in Les Mezards, Chaillot and Saint Pierre, for a total of 1.5 hectares.

In the cellar, favours whole cluster fermentations and steers clear of any chemical additives. We have simply fallen for these incredible wines, which show defiantly rustic character and astonishing complexity.




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