Tanca Els Ulls

Nulles, Tarragona

Tanca els Ulls, situated in a small village southwest of Barcelona, is the project of winemaker Francesc Boronat who in 2014 took over the family's estate with the aim to recuperate the old vineyards formely farmed by his grandfather. His mission is to valorise indigenous varieties, such as Cartoixa and Macabeu, to produce saline, pithy wines with a sense of place and personality.


Tanca els Ulls translates as 'close the eyes' in the local dialect and it is a reference to the grower's audacity to take a leap into the unknown and embark on the challenging project if resuscitating a tiny family operation - especially in an area where there are no other active wineries left and grapes have historically been sold to large cooperatives.




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