Corneliano d'Alba, Langhe

Valdisole was born in 2015 and is located in the beautiful Langhe town
of Corneliano d’Alba. The project began when Giuseppe Amato and Kyriaki Kalimeri, both coming from completely different professional backgrounds, decided to purchase a half hectare of vines. Giuseppe and Kyriaki are unabashed by how impulsive this journey into wine was, purchasing their first holdings online on a website that sold second-hand goods!


Six years on, their vineyards are a combination of old and new plantings, all within the DOCG Roero denomination. From the outset, their approach in the vineyard has been strictly natural and this philosophy continues to their work in the cellar.

Piemonte is the only Italian region that does not allow for an IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica). IGT lies at the lowest quality rank in wine production, only above "table wine". Giuseppe and Kyriaki chose to downgrade their production to table wine to maintain their freedom and continue experimenting with unusual vinifications and as a result are not allowed to indicate the grapes used in each wine.




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