Ama Brewery

Ama Brewery began as a group of friends brewing aged kombuchas
in a garage in San Sebastián. Over the years, it has evolved into a fully-fledged brewery that is embarking on an unprecedented journey into the field of fermentation. The main minds behind this project are chefs Ramón Perisé and Dani Lasa, formerly of two-Michelin-starred restaurant Mugaritz, which is famous both in the Basque country and overseas for its wildly creative approach.

Using locally sourced spring water from the Izarraitz Massif and carefully selected varieties of tea and botanicals by Rare Tea company founder, Herietta Lovell, Ama Brewery combines principles of kombucha production with the méthode ancestrale sparkling wine process. Their signature pét-nat teas are wonderfully refreshing and richly aromatic alternatives to sparkling wine that are light on alcohol but big on flavour 




Laurent Cazottes made a name for himself making exceptional eau de vies in Tarn, Occitanie where fruit and vine cultivation has been a tradition for over a millennium and where he found the perfect place to distillate from the highest quality raw material. The distillation process is a way to concentrate tastes and essences, that is why, since its very beginning, the Distillerie Cazottes is only using organically grown fruits.

This year, we've been lucky enough to work with a number of exceptional distillates made in collaboration with some of the best domaines across France.